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I have to admit that I am not the best as getting my message out to the world.
I am finding that eBay is much much better at that than I am.

As a result, I have around 600 pictures listed on eBay at any one time.
If you would like to see what is currently available, please use eBay’s advanced search facility.
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20170610 2017 UNIQUE - SITE BLDG
Unique Wales, I am very sorry to say has lost all the details of paintings I had written.
I am now trying to build Unique Paintings of Wales, which along with my other Unique sites, is still being developed, so, please bear with me.


If you are looking for paintings of Wales, please go to:

If you are looking for paintings of England, please go to:

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First, please look at the GALLERY.
If you click on any painting you are interested in, you should be taken to the PAINTING DETAILS entry for that painting.

I try to offer interesting, and of course UNIQUE paintings of Wales created by artists who have painted Welsh subjects or who have strong associations with Wales.

My preference is for watercolours, so naturally, most of the paintings I offer are watercolours.
I really admire the skill of artists who have been able to create the paintings I offer.
I try to remember that watercolour is an unforgiving medium – if you make a mistake – start again.

At the moment, most of the paintings feature North Wales, that is, places north of the River Dyfi.
That is not by design, but purely by chance.

Please look carefully at the images and descriptions.
Wherever possible I will add some local information about the painting.
Please ask if you would like more detailed images of any paintings.

I am happy to offer a PAINTING FINDING SERVICE.
I look at up to 2000 paintings all over UK and often much further afield.
Please let me know of you are searching for a work by a particular artist or a particular view.
I will to my best to find a painting to suit you,

I am slowly building a list of artists who have ‘painted Wales’. I will include these over time together with some ‘help’ with the jargon associated with paintings.

There is also a section about caring for your paintings if that is not too much like ‘teaching Grandma to suck eggs’.

I will be most grateful if you will tell me if you find that I have written something which is wrong or just plain stupid or rediculous. Sadly it happens all too often these days. As a person who is passionate about paintings, particularly of Wales, I often lose sight of what is what in my enthusiasm to tell you all about my latest arrival.


I would like to acknowledge the invaluable help of my former Army colleague and great friend Greg Lance-Watkins without whose help, this site would never have been launched.

Greg has had a long and well-documented disagreement with cancer. His own website gives some extremely helpful and positive information as well as links to very detailed research. It seems strange that after sharing very many unusual, demanding and challenging experiences together that we should also face similar health problems although his are far more challenging than my own.

Greg is also a regular and influential political commentator and blogger.

Please visit his website where there is something for nearly everybody:


It is all John ALFORD’S Fault
I would also like to acknowledge the influence of John ALFORD, who, at 08:45 on Saturday mornings, more than 50 years ago, at Shrewsbury School and against all odds, actually taught me so many memorable things about the history of art and great painters.
What a shame I will only ever be able to see their works in galleries and books.
John Alford is a superb watercolourist who has depicted many views of Shrewsbury and elsewhere with the greatest sensitivity.