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ALLOTT Fred W* – Old Farm at Arthog – labels on backboard

:     Old Farm at Arthog

PRICE:     £500.00


MEDIUM:               Watercolour laid down on board


PAINTING:             318mm x 465mm – 12 1/2″ x 18 1/4″

FRAME / MOUNT: Unframed but mounted for protection

ANNOTATIONS:    Signed F W Allott and dated 1892 lower left
Label on original backing paper verso:
3. Watercolour
Old Farm at Arthog
£5 – 5s
F W Allott
106 Somerset Rd

CONDITION:           The original frame was in poor condition.
The backboard had a wide split in it.
The original backing paper had the annotation
above, together with the label of Abraham
Marshalle, Picture Dealer, Carver and Guilder at
60 Boxton Road, Huddersfield. There is very feint
sign of foxing in one place otherwise the painting is
bright, fresh and in good condition.

THE STORY: All good pictures should have a story
to capture your imagination.

The view looks past the old farm to the mountains north of the
River Mawddach where Welsh gold was found and mined until
recently. The peaks in the background are near Cerrig Arthur.
[King Arthur or, more correctly, Prince Arthur was of course Welsh.
He faught his last battle not far from Dolgellau. He was mortally
wounded and taken north to Ysbyty Ivan where he died.]

In 1892, most people used the railways for travel. Arthog is the
closest village to Morfa Mawddach Station at the southern end of the
Barmouth viaduct which was opened in 1867. Arthog was a popular
area for artists until well into the 20th century.


This painting is large for a watercolour by any standards. Painting
large watercolours requires great skill and control. That leads
me to believe that Fred Allott was a professional artist. It is possible
that he worked in the area for some time. I have traced another of                                      his works depicting a scene not far away and dated 1893.


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