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UNKNOWN – The Rivals – from Towyn beach


UNKNOWN – The Rivals – from Towyn beach

The artist may have brought to what is now known as Tywyn by train during the early 20th century.




TITLE: The Rivals – from Towyn beach

PRICE: £85.00


MEDIUM: Watercolour on paper – The painting occupies
the top 1/3 of the paper


Painting:     91mm x 178mm     3 17/32” x 7”

Frame / Mount:
Unmounted – the page measures  250mm x 178mm        10 1/16 x 7”

ANNOTATIONS: The Rivals – from Towyn beach under

Every good painting should have a story to go with it, something to stimulate the imagination.

The Rivals are the mountains at the landward end of the Llŷn Peninsular. It is amazing how close they can look on a clear day with low humidity after a cold front has passed through. The rocky promontory just below the horizon marks the outflow of the River Dysynni which flows from Tal-y-Llyn and past Bird Rock where you can see wild goats and which used to be described as the only inland nesting place of cormorants.
Salmon and seatrout, known as sewin in Wales, run up the river to spawn under Cadair Idris upstream of Tal-y-Llyn.
The coastline just to the north of Tywyn is the Jurassic Coast of Wales. It is the only place where the shelly limestone of the marine Jurassic period can be found on land after the ice excavated the Irish Sea. You may be lucky to find a belemnite or some very very old shells which may be up to 200 million years old if you search.


I do my best to find out as much as I can about my paintings and the artists who made them.
I also try to give you a little extra information about the subjects shown in my paintings.

I believe that the information above is accurate.

Let me apologise for any errors or typos you may find, they are wholly my own.

Please tell me if my memory has failed me as it sometimes does.

Any images posted with this description form part of the description.
Please ensure you look very carefully at all images and details to make sure that you really really want the picture before you buy or bid.

Thank you for looking at my painting.

Keep safe and well,

Best wishes,

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