Unique Paintings of Wales

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This is where I will be giving information about either Welsh Artists or artists who have painted Welsh subjects. I will also include artists who have a strong association with Wales.

I will use many abbreviations and standard expressions which have specific meanings.

You will find a list of ABBREVIATIONS and TERMS USED as sub-headings under ABBREVIATIONS & TERMS

You will also find a list of the abbreviations used for the galleries where artists’ work was accepted for hanging which is in itself a measure of quality.


A             Associate – often appears before other initials which appear after an artist’s

AA          Architectural Association

Add        Address

b             Born

c              Circa

CI            Channel Islands

d             Died

Exh         Exhibited followed by a date or a range of dates

H             Honorary

IOM       Isle of Man

IOW       Isle of White

Junr       Junior

LCC         London County Council

NB          North Britain – old expression for Scotland

Nr           Near

P             President

PP           Past President

Qv          Quod vide

RAMC   Royal  Army Medical Corps

Rd           Road

RFA        Royal Field  Artillery

RIBA      Ryal Institute of British Architects

Senr       Senior

St            Saint or Street

Terr        Terrace

V&A       Victoria and Albert Museum

VAD       Voluntary Aid Detachment

VP          Vice President


AB           Abbey Gallery
AG           Agnew & Sons Gallery
ALP         Alpine Club Gallery
AR           Arlington Gallery
B              Royal Society of Arts, Birmingham
BA           Beaux Art Gallery
BAR         Barbizon House
BG           Baillie Gallery
BK           Brook Street Art Gallery
BRU         Bruton Gallery
BWS        Birmingham Watercolour Society
CAR         Carfax and Co Galleries
CG           Colnaghi & Co Galleries
CHE         Chenil and New Chenil Galleries
CON        Connell & Sons Gallery
COO        Cooling & Sons Gallery
D             Dudley Gallery and New Dudley Gallery
DOW      Dowdeswell Galleries
FIN          Fine Art Society
FRSA       Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
G             Grosvenor Gallery
GI            Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
GOU        Goupil Gallery
I               International Society
L              Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
LEF          Lefevre Gallery
LEI           Leicester Gallery
LS            London Salon
LSC          Langham Sketching Club
M            Manchester City Art Gallery
N             Nottingham Museum Art Gallery
NEA         New English Art Club
NG           New Gallery
NSA         Nottingham Society of Artists
P              Royal Society of Portrait Painters
RA           Royal Academy
RBA         Royal Society of British Artists
RCA         Royal Cambrian Academy
RE            Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers
RED         Redfern Gallery
RHA        Royal Hibernian Academy
RI             Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
RID          Ridley Art Club
RMS        Royal Miniature Society
ROI          Royal Institute of Oil Painters
RP           Royal Society of Portrait Painters
RSA         Royal Scottish Academy
RSW        Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours
RWEA     Royal West of England Academy
SWA       Society of Women Artists
TOO        Arthur Tooth & Sons Gallery
WG         Walker’s Gallery, London
WGA       Wapping Group of Artists


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