I know little about F*E* TAYLOR except that he is recorded as exhibiting at The Royal Academy in 1908 when his address was 10 Cobham Rd., Kingston Hill, Surrey.
I acquired a large collection of his watercolours dating from 1935 to 1946 during which time he produced paintings OF The Italian Alps, Switzerland, North Wales, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Worcestershire. Judging only by the number of paintings from the different areas, I conclude that he lived in Buckinghamshire and possibly near High Wickham.


20170531001 2017 TAYLOR F.E. - CRICCIETH CASTLE 200 vert

20170531001 2017 TAYLOR F.E. - CRICCIETH CASTLE 002


HARLECH CASTLE signed with monogram FT Lower Right




MEDIUM:     Watercolour on cartridge paper


Painting:         255mm x 188mm        10” x 7 7/8”

Frame / Mount: Unmounted – Unframed


The painting is titled HARLECH CASTLE, signed with monogram FT.

Every good painting should have a story to go with it, something to stimulate the imagination.

Criccieth was the home of David Lloyd George who was, of course, known by and knew everyone’s father as attested by the well-known song.
The Castle was begun in 1230 by Llewelyn the Great. Construction continued until 1280. The castle was taken by English forces in 1283. It survived a siege during the Welsh rebellion of 1294 led by Prince Madog after whom Porthmadog is named, and
sailed off to discover America – long before Columbus!
Hywel ap Gruffydd, the Constable of the Castle, was known as Howell the Axe and fought for Edward III at the Battle of Poitier in 1356.

The view is unusual in that it looks from the west towards Harlech


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